Amazon Fire TV Cube - Voice Commands - HD HomeRun App

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Amazon Fire TV Cube - Voice Commands - HD HomeRun App

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Greetings. I have an Amazon Fire TV Cube running Fire OS version

Up until mid-March 2021, I could open the HDHomeRun app with voice commands without an issue.

"Alexa, open HD HomeRun"

"Opening HID Homerun" (... yeah ... Alexa would mispronounce it ... no biggie)

Starting in mid-March though (before the major UI change), when I would issue the voice command, I am now given a choice to open either the SiliconDust app or the Channels app that also has HDHomeRun in the name (... but, the SiliconDust app is now pronounced correctly!)

This change in behavior not only makes it harder to open the HDHomeRun app, but it also has broken my routines that included the function of opening the HDHomeRun app.

I contacted Amazon support, and they stated:
"Due to the recent updates on the Appstore on the Fire TV Cube, it could be the reason why you're getting that option."
"Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts about this feature. Your comments and suggestions will help us improve our store and offer better service to our customers."

In summary, the Fire TV had a function I liked. Amazon broke it. Amazon might get around to fixing it.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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