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channel manager/content

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Hi everyone,

I recently had a problem with the channel manager feature of the Windows and Apple HD Homerun software. For a period of approx. 6-10 hours I was unable to change the channel and there was no presentation of station ID and/or program. The software was allowing me to view and listen to one station which varied depending on which device I was interacting with and so the same symptoms were manifest on all four devices.

Similarly I can recall at various times in the past a divergence between the programming information provided through the HD Homerun channel manager and the actual program being received on a particular channel.

The problems eventually resolved on their own but I started to think about the source of the channel information and how the software uses it to provide, station ID, program description and channel control.

My guess is that the source of the program information isn't part of the content of the station broadcast. If that were the case why would I lose program information from all channels as was the case recently.

Can anyone describe where the source of the programming information and channel ID is coming from and how that interfaces with the HD Homerun software (channel manager) ?


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