noob question - linux setup

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noob question - linux setup

Post by jacksnodgrass »

I have had a SiliconDust HDHomeRun CONNECT Duo for about an hour now... so it's pretty new to me.

I have connected this device up, I connected a cable / antenna to it.

I have searched for channels and found some.

I downloaded / installed the android HDHomeRun app and I can see a TV show on my phone.

the device reports: http://x.x.x.x/tuners.html -> Tuner 0 Channel 5.1 KXAS-HD

I have downloaded and installed:

I setup a hdhomerun.conf file with a path to a writable directory. The hdhomerun.conf file was updated ( not by me ) with:

./hdhomerun_record start --conf=hdhomerun.conf
HDHomeRun RECORD started
./hdhomerun_record status
HDHomeRun RECORD running
./hdhomerun_record stop
HDHomeRun RECORD stopped

... but there are no recordings in my /home/user/videos directory.
... no logs in my HDHomeRun dir or my /home/user/videos directory.

What am I missing... besides recordings?

I have NOT signed up for the DVR service... is that a requirement to use this hdhomerun_record program?

Once I get the recording figured out... is there a way to change the change the channels that the device is seeing other than using the app on my phone?

Thanks - jack

I search a bit for this info.... if I missed something obvious, please let me know.

- jack

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Re: noob question - linux setup

Post by foxbat121 »

1. You need DVR subscription to record.
2. You will need a client app to view live TV, recordings and schedule recording. What you installed is just a recording engine, nothing else. Client app is how you view different channels. Recording engine only records what client app tells it to record.

I don't remember SD make any viewing app for Linux, so you might have to go 3rd party route for that. In that case, the DVR subscription or the recording engine itself is irrelevant. You need to head over to 3rd party software subforum to see your options.

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Re: noob question - linux setup

Post by vonloschz »

confirm dvd recorder with hdhomerun_record

Code: Select all

$ ./hdhomerun_record version
HDHomeRun RECORD version 20210301
Copyright © 2005-2021 Silicondust USA Inc. <>. All rights reserved.
confirm hdhomerun device with hdhomerun_config.
most of linux disto have hdhomerun-config package over apt/yum.

Code: Select all

 $ hdhomerun_config discover
hdhomerun device 12345678 found at

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Re: noob question - linux setup

Post by vonloschz » ... at the end of the page ...
You can still test the "Pause and rewind Live TV" over your DVR backend.

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