Lost DVR Ability - GUID Key Generated

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Lost DVR Ability - GUID Key Generated

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HDHomeRun PRIME 13221AC0
Version 20210210
No HDHomeRun DVR detected.

My DVR is not detected, but I have a registered Activation code, and I just now re-registered it just to be sure. I have a StorageID key in the registry. I don't normally use SD's DVR but I do need to occasionally. I am not sure when it disappeared, but even though it wasn't showing on the myhdhomerun.com page for some time, the button still showed up in the viewer so I didn't think anything of it until today, when I updated to the latest version and noticed it is now missing from the software. The Activation code is using an old email address - that wouldn't have an effect on it, would it?


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Re: Lost DVR Ability - GUID Key Generated

Post by NedS »

It looks like the HDHomeRun DVR software wasn't running when you posted this, but it is running now?

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