HDHomeRun Mac - window on top

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HDHomeRun Mac - window on top

Post by virbing »


I can't remember if this was always the case, but after reinstalling Mac Big Sur, the HDHomeRun application does not stay on top of other windows. Obviously this limits the usefulness on a MacBook Air laptop since the HDHomeRun window continually is covered by other windows.

I have tried using Afloat (and Afloat+) along with MacForge, but that does not work either. Apparently, this type of window management requires support for SIMBL (Simple Bundle Loader). Does SiliconDust have any plans for compatibility?

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Re: HDHomeRun Mac - window on top

Post by garethw »


I have tested the latest app with Big Sur (11.1) on a MacBook Pro (Noted you are using the Air version) and the on-top window feature is working.
Can you confirm the exact OS version and HDHomeRun app version you are using?

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