LG TV Fast Forward Issues

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LG TV Fast Forward Issues

Post by jps51 »

I am new to the HD HomeRun having installed it just a couple of days ago. My equipment is the HD HomeRun Connect 4K, the HD HomeRun Servio and an LG OLED CXPUA 2020 version TV. I am using the LG TV HD HomeRun app on the TV to connect. Shows are recording fine and I am able to play them back however I have noticed that if I play back a recording that is still in progress fast forward and rewind are disabled. If I exit a program still in progress and try to return I am taken to the beginning and not where I left off.

Does anyone know:
Is this expected behavior?
If this is expected can a fix for this issue be expected in the future?
Is there any workaround for this issue?

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Re: LG TV Fast Forward Issues

Post by mrmike186 »

I'm also a new user with a Connect 4k and Servio. I find the fast forward, pause and rewind will freeze any recording. The only fix is to back out and start from the beginning.

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