Renaming Channels

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Bud Melman
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Renaming Channels

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Just fired up my new HD Homerun 4K. Very happy!!! It's paired with a ClearStream 4MAX and it works much better than I anticipated. HD stations are brilliant. Can't wait for ATSC 3.0.

All that said, is it possible to name the channels on a Samsung TV? Right now they only show up as a folder, and inside the folder is the channel call sign, but it's difficult for my kids to know which is ABC/NBC/CBS, etc. Any way to edit the channels in the App (for Samsung's)? I do have Plex, but the buffering sucks.

For those of you wondering why I'm asking for this feature, Samsung TV's do NOT support the HD Homerun App. However, it does show up as a source but lacks the guide and naming convention like the HD Homerun app does e.g. on an LG TV.

Lastly, will there ever be a working HD Homerun APP for Samsung TV's? There's a whole bunch of us that have Samsung TV's.

Thanks, Silicon Dust. Great product.

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