"Update RECROD engine" TV app error

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"Update RECROD engine" TV app error

Post by Falcon73 »

I get this on my Roku TV app and 3 out of 4 times after getting this message the app crashes. On my 2nd Roku TV the HDHR app doesn't work at all.

I have no record device and the IP x.x.50.76 it specifies is my laptop.

How do I fix this error? The firmware on my 3 HDHRs are all updated.

Do I need to set up a recorder to fix this? I haven't needed to record yet.

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Re: "Update RECROD engine" TV app error

Post by NedS »

The HDHomeRun DVR software is installed and running on your Windows laptop. Open the HDHomeRun Setup utility, click on the "DVR" tab, uncheck "use this PC for recordings", and then click "Apply".

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