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Roku app

Post by joefr »

I have the HDHomerun software running on (2) Windows 10 PC's, an XBOX One, and on a Roku. For the most part the playback app works similarly on Win10 & Xbox One. The Roku app is completely different. Why? The interface is different, can't directly pick a channel, playback of anything from the DVR has a slight burp every 10 secs or so, and if you are watching something - how do you get back to pick another channel or recording? I'm resorting to using the Roku remote to go to a different app; like Netflix. I have the Roku 4K setup in the theater and its very frustrating to use the HD Homerun app.

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Re: Roku app

Post by Turk3yb0y1 »

Came here to search why it's not working for me. I'm having the same trouble. It's completely frustrating, my signal levels and quality % are high, works great on every interface except the Roku app.

What I'm most frustrated with, it'll sometimes work fine for hours. Then sometimes it'll just freeze the video (audio stays on) until you exit and reload the channel. Sometimes it'll just randomly shut off the channel and go back to the guide. It is making watching sports a real problem.

It won't let me even tune channels that it doesn't have guide data for either. I can overlook the screwed up guide (even though it takes about a minute for me to manually scroll all 64 channels between CBS and FOX every time) but the if it can't even keep a program that has good signal then it's essentially useless.

Sometimes I will use it through Plex which is better, but I never had this problem when I'd use the XboxOne app. But I got a new Roku tv a few months ago and hate the idea of running the Xbox power hog just to watch broadcast tv.

Will there be stability improvements to the Roku app?

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Re: Roku app

Post by kyl416 »

Roku requires all 3rd party developers to use their built in player and codecs instead of bundling your own player and codecs like you can do with Apple, Android and Windows. Their built in codecs expect a "clean" stream delivered to them, while that might be okay for "stable" streaming sources like Netflix, Hulu and others, for OTA broadcasting unstable signals are common due to marginal reception, interference, windy weather, etc which causes error correction to kick in, and their built in player craps out when that happens. Codecs and players on other platforms are better at handling that, so most of the time you don't see any change in picture quality when error correction kicks in, or you might see some quick pixelation before it returns to normal.

It's even worse when you're using a model of Roku that doesn't natively decode AC-3 audio, because then you need a TV or soundbar capable of decoding AC-3 over HDMI, and some TVs only accept PCM audio on HDMI inputs.

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