HD HomeRun Program Guide Missing & Splitting channels?

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HD HomeRun Program Guide Missing & Splitting channels?

Post by marc3 »

Hey gang. Long time owner of HDHR CableCard tuners. Own an OTA HDHR Quatro and Supported Kickstarter for the 4K ATSC HDHR along with the scribe. I love the idea of the scribe DVR and feel the annual DVR fee is quite reasonable.

Finally seeing some ATSC 3.0 Channels live in Detroit but it appears that these are still broadcasting in HD instead of 4K. Still some challenges with receiving AC-4 Audio on certain devices but not an HDHR issue... Love the fact they separated the ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 Channels. This is super convenient to configure Plex support, leveraging their IPG guide data for the new 3.0 OTA channels while updating using the std 1.0 program guide data.

Here are my 2 questions:

1) HDHR software: This seems to be a very frustrating and cumbersome experience but maybe I just don't know how to engage the channels and program guide. Is there not a means to pull up a standard guide grid where the programs for all channels are seen with the time listed horizontally across the top and the channels vertically top/bottom?

The only way I can view guide data is to hit the Live TV menu tab than scroll all the way to the right and then see pop out info by channel. Very cumbersome and time consuming. Also really hard to program future programs to record. What the heck?

The other challenge is in Detroit, the locals are all in the standard lower numbered tiers 2/4/7 ... CBS, however is channel 62 and the only way to get to it is to pan to the right and then slowly scroll down channel/channel until I get to 62. I can't find a way to re-order or direct access channel numbers. Am I missing something?

-Understand the Scribe is of no use except via HDHR SW. I am feeling let down with a pretty unusable UI experience with HDHR SW. Why not open the scribe up to other platforms like Plex?

2) In HDHR Software: I have 2 OTA tuners feeding from 2 different antennas. In Plex I can customize the DVR functionality to pull select channels from one OTA tuner or the other. This is especially critical if I want to force my locals to pull from the ATSC 3.0 tuners to get 4K rather than leave it to random HDHR sw to choose the OTA tuner. Is there any way to do this in the HDHR SW? If so, where? It seems to not expose any tuner selection options?

Thanks in advance. So far, I am extremely impressed with the HW and FW -They build great products but hoping for some improvements and enhancements on the SW side of things.


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Re: HD HomeRun Program Guide Missing & Splitting channels?

Post by mrquietus »

re: 4K content OTA...
I have only heard of 1 station in the entire United States sending out any 4K material OTA and I believe it is some kind of "test" channel, not actual programming. Unlike transition we saw to OTA HD, I think it will be many years for most stations to start actually broadcasting 4K, due to the increased costs of equipment, etc. I don't believe there is any hard timeline for stopping ATSC1 either, unlike with initial OTA (analog to digital HD) changes that spectrum was wanted for other needs. So based on what I have read from many others, this seems to be a much more gradual transition.

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Re: HD HomeRun Program Guide Missing & Splitting channels?

Post by foxbat121 »

My 2 cents:
1. Grid guide never gonna come. It has been discussed in the past million times.
2. If your ATSC 3.0 and 1.0 devices show different channel numbers, you can use 'This Channel' feature to record only on the channel of your selection. If they show the same channel numbers, you can de-select the channels from ASTC 1.0 devices so that these channels will only be tuned via ATSC 3.0 tuners.

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Re: HD HomeRun Program Guide Missing & Splitting channels?

Post by nickk »


First trick - press the Up or Down button to jump straight to the channel list.

Pressing Select shows the on-screen-display and puts the focus on the Pause button so you can press Select, Select to pause for remotes that don't have a pause button.

Pressing Up or Down shows the on-screen-display and puts the focus on the channel list one up or down from the current channel so you can channel surf by pressing Down, Select, Down, Select for remotes that don't have a channel button.


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