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DVR on Synology -

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I've just signed up for HDHomeRunDVR :)

My hope is to get the following setup up running with DVR:

Tuner: HDHomeRun EXPAND, Model: HDHR3-4DC
NAS: Synology DS413

Result so far: HDHomeRun RECORD not running | 0x1000040c

What have I been doing so far?

1: Link your HDHomeRun tuner here Confirmed with succes
2: I've followed these step:
2a: When I Execute the HdHomeRun Setup app, from hdhomerun_windows_20201030.exe, I get the following result:

Model: DS413
SSH Enabled: Ok
SSH Session: Ok
NAS Architecture: ppc
HDHomeRun Share: Ok
Installing Service: Ok
Configuring Service: Ok
Starting Service: Ok

All seems fine, but when I go to this page it says,

Your HDHomeRun products:
HDHomeRun EXPAND 141033BC (Green check mark)
Version 20200907 (Green check mark)
194 Channels (Green check mark)
No HDHomeRun DVR detected. :(

When I go to Synology package center, I see no HdHomeRun DVR Manager

What I've been trying so for
- Rebootet a lot, both computer, NAS, Tuner and Router
- Manual installed the .spk-file on the Synology Nas (I've tried both version 1.0.2 and 0.8.2)
- Checked write-access for the admin in the shared folders on Synology
- uninstalled and installed again
- setup port forwarding in the Router. Port 59090 and 65001 (TCP and UDP) forwarded to my NAS IP Address

Any suggestions? I really need a lifeline :) :geek:

Thx in advance - happy new year :D

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Re: DVR on Synology -

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In the past 5 years, I believe there has only been one reported "real" success of an install on a PPC based NAS and many reports of failures (yes the install would often say success but wouldn't actually work). That model NAS was released 8 years ago and I never recommend a NAS that was released much before the project started 5 years ago.

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