UK missing EPG data

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UK missing EPG data

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Hi all

I have recently purchased my first HDHomeRun device and am extremely pleased with the product, however here in the UK (Freeview Central Scotland), several channels have missing EPG data (for example 'Dave ja vu'). Would anyone know at all whether this is an issue with the EPG provider? Do you think purchasing the HDHR DVR service would provide the missing data for these channels, as the EPG in Plex is fine? 

I have included a list of some affected channels below for completeness sake. Apologies if this is not the correct place to enquire about this.
Kind regards

23 - Dave ja vu
34 -  STV+1
44 - Gems TV
50 - TJC
58 - ITV3+1
71 - Jewellery Maker
23 - Shopping Quarter
73 - CCXTV
74 - Yesterday +1
83 - NOW XMAS / NOW 80s
713 - KISS
716 - Greatest Hits Radio

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