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Terms and Conditions

Post by SmcG »

I have just subscribed to the HDHomeRun DVR Software. I have read the Terms and Conditions and they contain this statement

'In order to record TV using HDHomeRun, you need to provide your own storage device. You understand and agree that by connecting your storage device to HDHomeRun, all content on such device will be permanently deleted.'

Can it be true that when I activate the software that all data on my NAS will be deleted? I'm not sure I want to dedicate a complete NAS to TV Recordings!

Perhaps these T&C are out of date.

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Re: Terms and Conditions

Post by nickk »

Yeah, that is not how things work. For a start you don't connect anything to the HDHomeRun. I will get the wording updated.

The only things that come to mind:
Android - if you attach a USB hard drive and you tell Android to initializes you obviously lose everything but Android tells you that and asks for your approval.
SCRIBE/SERVIO - if you replace the internal hard drive AND you tell the SCRIBE/SERVIO to format the drive you lose everything already on the drive.


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