20201113d UI beta Problems

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20201113d UI beta Problems

Post by cqcq42 »

On a Mac with High Sierra, I have had occasional problems when trying to change channels in Live TV. Sometimes it doesn't work or the the attempt kills the sound which may not come back even after a restart of the app. The on screen text may display the channel you tried to change to, but the video remains the original channel. Sound returns and channel changing works if you play a recorded show first. Using the keyboard has the odd behavior of moving the cursor in front of the first character typed with the result that typing 857 results in 578. The latter problem is consistent while the former is hit or miss.

On both the Mac and Windows 10 I see this behavior: If I delete a recorded show, the interface returns to all recorded shows, but the one I just deleted is still there. I know it goes away after a bit, but if I click on the deleted show, the information for the show briefly appears and then the interface is empty so I have to exit to recover.

The new recording interface in Tasks appears to work well and I'm glad to see I can now override a Deleted episode and record again.

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Re: 20201113d UI beta Problems

Post by Bobstr »

I'll second the behavior, but I'm using a Windows 10 PC, and it's been an issue for me for a long time in many versions. Not sure when I first saw it.

What I'm seeing is that I delete the only episode under a TV show's recordings, and the UI brings me to the Recorded TV screen. The TV Show remains visible and when I click on it, I usually see 'no recordings' (or something similar) and have to press esc to exit this screen. At some point shortly after, the TV Show finally disappears from the Recorded TV screen.

Sometimes the recently deleted show will show for a fraction of a second when I click on the TV Show, but usually it's blank immediately upon entering it.

I also have a weird error that I'm seeing that I haven't quite locked down what I do that causes it to occur: When trying to delete an episode (using my harmony remote's arrow keys), I manage to fat finger a combination that I'm not sure of what it is, the UI loses the focus on the red highlighted episode and I have to press exit to get out of this odd state. It happens somewhat frequently, so I'd be shocked if no one else has come across this, but I haven't seen it posted yet.

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