Playback problems with HDHomeRun recordings and TCL Roku TV

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Playback problems with HDHomeRun recordings and TCL Roku TV

Post by GreggP »

When I playback HDHomeRun DVR recorded TV shows on my TCL Roku TV, the picture quality is pretty bad. I get bad macro blocking about every 30 seconds. The video image is ok other than the macro blocking.

The HDHomeRun RECORD app is installed on my NVidia Shield and the shows are stored on the attached 4TB Seagate HD. When I playback these shows on the LG tv/Shield, the video looks good. There's no macro blocking. When I play these recordings with my laptop, they also look fine. BUT, when I play them with my TCL Roku TV there so much macro blocking they are unwatchable.

Here's my overall setup-

My HDHomeRun Connect Duo is wired to my Netgear 8-port gigabit switch. Model: HDHR5-2US; Device ID: 106313EF; Firmware: 20200907

The HDHomeRun Connect Duo is wired via coax to an antenna located in our attic. The antenna is pointed in the optimum direction to get the best signal strength from all of our desired channels. The tuner status usually shows signal strength, signal quality, and symbol quality all at 100%.

The Netgear switch is wired to my ASUS router. I have several other ASUS routers in access point mode wired to my main router to improve the WIFI signal throughout our home.

An NVidia Shield (2017) is wired to the Netgear Switch and a 1080p LG tv is connected to the Shield. I also have a 4TB Seagate HD connected to the Shield via USB for external storage. The external 4TB drive is where my HDHomeRun DVR recordings are stored.

Our 4K TCL Roku TV is wired to one of the ASUS access points. When wired, the ASUS AP acts like another switch connected to the main ASUS router.

I also have the HDHomeRun app installed on my Windows 10 laptop, which is usually wired to the Netgear switch.

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Re: Playback problems with HDHomeRun recordings and TCL Roku TV

Post by fkolbe »

I have the exact same problem but it is affecting all of my Roku devices including TCL TV with built in Roku, Roku3 and Roku Stick. I have the HDHome Run Windows application on another PC where I schedule my recordings. Recorded TV on all roku devices and TCL TV is of poor quality and pixelates every 10 seconds or so. This also effects the audio. However, on my chromebook or windows computer the recorded tv quality is just fine.
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Re: Playback problems with HDHomeRun recordings and TCL Roku TV

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My TCL Roku TV fails to play most recordings and channels. Unless they come out with an update, it isn't worth the time to open it.

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Re: Playback problems with HDHomeRun recordings and TCL Roku TV

Post by Dougsteron »

I am experiencing the same issue on multiple Roku devices. The same playback issue occurs on my Roku TCL TV and Roku Soundbar. I think the issue first stated after the Roku 9.4 update was applied to the devices. I opened a trouble ticket with SiliconDust Support so they are looking into it.

Until then I can watch recording playback on Windows or Android clients which play just fine.

Doug M

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