HDHomeRun.app issues on OS/X Big Sur

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HDHomeRun.app issues on OS/X Big Sur

Post by mitchblank »

I semi-regularly use the OS/X HDHomeRun app to stream live TV to my desktop computer. I've never had major problems before, but after updating to the latest OS/X version it is now being... finicky.

The video will play OK for a minute or two but then pause... sometimes this pause lasts only a few seconds, other times for a minute or more. The audio continues unaffected.

As an alternative I am just using VLC to watch the stream from the ":5004/auto/vNNN" URL direct from the HDHomeRun box. This works completely fine, so there don't seem to be any network issues.

Hardware: HDHomeRun Connect Quatro (HDHR5-4DT)
Firmware: 20200907
OS/X HDHomeRun.app: 20201009 (1)

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Re: HDHomeRun.app issues on OS/X Big Sur

Post by scubajwd »

Not seeing that behavior hear on my MBPro but I'm running
Version 20201112 of the app..upgraded to Big Sur yesterday..
all went well

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Re: HDHomeRun.app issues on OS/X Big Sur

Post by Johnny TSpark »

I've had the same issue since installing Big Sur: within 20 seconds the video pauses in the HDHomeRun app. Occasionally it will kickstart back into life, seemingly randomly, but it will always pause again after a short period of time.

The app seems to go into a pseudo beachballing state, where it semi-hangs, but you can move the mouse around and click to get back control or change channel to get the video temporarily moving again, but the keyboard commands don't work – Apple-Q isn't recognised, for instance.

Similarly to the OP, the stream from the Connect works fine when accessed via VLC (and Plex), so it does seem to be a Big Sur/HDHomeRun app issue.

HDHomeRun CONNECT 12318C59
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Connected to a cabled home network via a gigabit switch.

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