Playback Issue with Rouk v9.4 software

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Playback Issue with Rouk v9.4 software

Post by Dougsteron »

Hello. I am experiencing an issue with playback of recording after my Roku devices were recently updated to Roku software version 9.4.
Is anybody else seeing this issue?
The playback video will skip and distort every 20 - 30 seconds. It makes the playback unwatchable on Roku devices running v9.4 and the HDHomeRun App. Other Roku devices running v9.3 playback fine ( no issues ). Other devices like the Windows and android player are not experiencing the issue.
Thanks for your input. Doug M

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Re: Playback Issue with Rouk v9.4 software

Post by GreggP »

Yes, I am also experiencing poor playback with my TCL Roku TV. I'm not sure if this is the same hardware issue as yours, so I'm also going to post another thread with my details. Suffice it to say, when playing back recorded TV with my HDHomeRun app, the video breaks up quite frequently. And, it is getting progressively worse. The same recorded content played back with my NVidia Shield looks ok.

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Re: Playback Issue with Rouk v9.4 software

Post by SageMyth »

I just did the software update for my Roku Ultra.
It is connected via ethernet.
DVR is on network attached storage.
Playback of a recorded show now glitches every 10 to 12 seconds.
Playback of Live TV works fine.
No problems with my Shield.

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