Two local ATSC 1.0 stations have wrong aspect ratio

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Two local ATSC 1.0 stations have wrong aspect ratio

Post by dantheman »

WOOD-TV 8.2 (Bounce) and WOOD-TV 8.3 (LAFF) Grand Rapids, MI always appear in 4x3 and definitely "squished" when viewed live on the HD Homerun software and also later in Plex after commercial removal in MCEBuddy2.x. They are always that way. My other current stations are fine. I just selected to send diagnostic info and tuned to the two channels briefly and my device ID is 10618320. Screenshot 1 (WOOD-TV 8.2) Screenshot 2 (WOOD-TV 8.3)

If you would fix it I'd appreciate it.

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Re: Two local ATSC 1.0 stations have wrong aspect ratio

Post by kyl416 »

The problem is on the station's end of things. They are sending their subchannels as 4:3 when it should be set to 16:9, a bunch of Nexstar's stations still have this problem after the Katz networks switched to widescreen a few years ago. According to RabbitEars their sister stations have the same problem with Mystery (formerlly Escape) and Grit.

You can try contacting WOOD's chief engineer at, call them at 616-456-8888, or use the form on their website and ask them to switch aspect ratio setting on their subchannels from 4:3 to 16:9.

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WOOD TV Grand Rapids Michigan ... Re: Two local ATSC 1.0 stations have wrong aspect ratio

Post by statmanmi »

Hello dantheman,

Have you attempted to contact the engineering team at WOOD TV?

Last month I filled out the webpage form, and have received no response.

Both my HDHR3-US and Tablo DVRs have the same squishing because of the 4:3 aspect ratio data with 8-2 Bounce, 8-3 Laff, and 15-3 Mystery. What I find odd is that the same engineering team seems to have 41-2 Get TV and 41-3 Grit TV also set to 4:3, but those aren't narrowed up the same way.

My wife likes a couple of shows from Laff. We've gone to watching and recording it from WWTV Cadillac 9-4 instead of WOOD's 8-3, even though the 9-4 is more bit starved and tiles fairly often.

Feel free to private message me your reply. I wasn't sure if you were familiar with that functionality on this board.

I'd like to send another message via whatever method you've chosen to do so, in case they figured my first one was just a "one off".

Thanks! ~~ Statmanmi

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Re: Two local ATSC 1.0 stations have wrong aspect ratio

Post by ebo »

I never worked at a TV station after they switched to digital so this is guesswork. To show video in the proper aspect ratio they have to get two settings right. Most non-HD subchannels are 480i. They could be flagged as 4:3 or 16:9. If everything on the channel is 4:3, then it should be sent in that aspect ratio and flagged as 4:3. If it's all 16:9 it should be squeezed horizontally to fit in a 4:3 frame and flagged as 16:9. A proper display device will see the flag and stretch the video back to the proper aspect ratio.

Many stations show old 4:3 TV shows with recent 16:9 commercials. In that case they should squeeze both the commercials and the shows and flag the channel as 16:9. The display will stretch both back to the proper aspect ratio. The commercials will fill the 16:9 screen (the ratio of nearly all displays these days) and the shows will be 4:3 again with black bars on both sides.

The most common error I've seen is that the video will be squeezed for a 16:9 display but the channel will still be flagged as 4:3.

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