"Lineup request failed" - recordings temporarily fail

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"Lineup request failed" - recordings temporarily fail

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I'm using the Connect Duo in the Seattle area and recording shows using the DVR software on a Synology NAS.
I noticed that once in a while a show will not record.
When I look at the logs, I see that sometime before each failed recording, there is a message that says "lineup request failed". Here's the most recent example:

20201106.log:20201106-02:40:16 Recording: 1069D4E4 lineup request failed (found 0 channels)

It seems that once this happens, no shows will record (error message later on when trying to record the show is "no tuners available to record [Showname]")

I'm assuming this is because the device thinks the channel does not exist, due to the earlier failure above.

When the next "lineup request" happens (about 2 hours later), it succeeds, and recordings after that succeed.

Any ideas what is causing the "lineup request failed"? It seems like this is a bug somewhere. It happens about once a week or so, so I guess about 1 of 100 times, given the 2 hour interval.

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