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I have a new Connect Duo. It works absolutely fine on my network; three MacOS machines and one windows machine access it no problems. All four computers can get to the web console.

However, two of the Macs had a very old version of HDHR software installed (circa 2015; I used to have an early-gen HDHR prime but haven't used it for years). On both of those Macs, installing the latest HDHR software it can't find the tuner in the GUI app. hdhomerun_config devices gives me a "no tuners found" message.

I'm really hoping there's a way I can use the hdhomerun_config_gui software that's still installed on the old macs, but is apparently no longer available, but first I have to fix it so that it can find the tuner. And I also realize that this may not be possible.

No problem on a newer Mac that never had HDHR software installed.

If it matters, newer mac is running OS X Catalina; the other two are running High Sierra.

Any ideas how to fix this?


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Re: New HDHR

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Are they all on the same network (no wifi guest networks, etc)? Any VPN software installed?

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