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Unhide Channels

Post by otaku »

My son is his attempt to be helpful has "hidden" a large number of programs. We now need to "unhide" them. Is there a way to "mass unhide" these programs?

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Re: Unhide Channels

Post by Ken.F »

If you do a search for .hidden it will show you all of the hidden programs that are in the current guide data. It won't let you mass unhide them but at least they will all be in one place.

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Re: Unhide Channels

Post by signcarver »

programs or channels (topic says channels, but body says programs).

Channels is on the device

Programs is on the app and one searches for .hidden (don't forget the dot)-- Yes I would agree that the interface there is clumsy especially when one goes back and what you just unhid still displays on the screen (though I tested that on a machine without early access enabled so not sure what, if anything, that may change).

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