Picture Issues

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Picture Issues

Post by mkbcp »

Hi - looking to see if anyone else has run into my issue. I've submitted a ticket and awaiting response, but thought I'd try the forum as well. Thanks for your help!

Hi – I’m having some trouble with my HDHR Quatro today that just started. Everything has been working fine until last night/this morning when we started getting screen stutters/pixilation/etc – it’s like the signal is weak so the audio cuts in and out and there are pixels across the screen with stutters.

We are watching on Channels DVR on an Apple 4k tv. I have the same issue when using the HDHR Config GUI on my Windows 10 PC, and the same issue on my HDHR app on my iPhone 8. I’ve unplugged and restarted the actual HDHR tuner. I’ve rescanned the channels and even when I get a signal strength of 100% it seems to be all channels. My tuner is wired to a switch, to a powerline adapter, to another switch, to the router. My work PC is plugged into the same original switch and I’m able to have Windows Teams video meetings without issues.

I’m not aware of any changes recently with anything that could impact this so not sure what’s going on. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Re: Picture Issues

Post by SageMyth »

I have a Scribe Quatro and had the same problem with stuttering and pixelation.
I have found that I can record 4 HD shows with no problem.
But, if I start watching a show (an seek back and forth) while multiple recordings are happening then the files get corrupted.
The stuttering and pixelation can be seen no matter how or when the files are played back.
If I download a recorded file to my PC I can see that the corruption is in the recorded file, not the playback.
I fixed this problem by installing another copy of the DVR program on my NAS device that can handle the file I/O.
So based on my experience, you may be overloading your DVR recording device.

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