HELP! MiBox 3 US Updated Android 9 ... Wrecked

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Re: HELP! MiBox 3 US Updated Android 9 ... Wrecked

Post by battierpeeler »

battierpeeler wrote: Mon Dec 21, 2020 7:01 pm

edit: wait i just realized only abc and fox work this way on kodi. everything else plays in like slow motion LMAO. so i have to use regular hdhomerun app for cbs/nbc and kodi for abc/fox.
update on this part. if you have anything playing in slow motion on kodi, while on that channel, hit the ok button in the middle of the d-pad, go to the settings cog on the far right, go to video settings, and switch the first option 'deinterlace method' to OFF. do this on every borked channel one by one.

now all my channels work in kodi.

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Re: HELP! MiBox 3 US Updated Android 9 ... Wrecked

Post by Mtndewgood »

So just found this thread. Same issue has been affecting me for a long time with half the channels pixelated and lagging on my mi box S. It is really frustrating that any of my cell phones can handle all hdhr channels just fine but what I basically use for a cable box can't. :roll:

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Re: HELP! MiBox 3 US Updated Android 9 ... Wrecked

Post by jasonl »

I replaced my MiBox with a Chromecast with Google TV and haven't looked back. The picture quality is way better for video from the HDHomeRun (proper 60Hz deinterlacing), I don't have to reboot it once a week to keep it from becoming super laggy, and it doesn't break every time there's a firmware update. Google has a bundle where you can get it plus 6 months of Netflix for $90, so a net of like $6 for the Chromecast if you're already a Netflix subscriber (at any tier) since it counts as an $83.94 credit on your Netflix account. ... tv_netflix

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Re: HELP! MiBox 3 US Updated Android 9 ... Wrecked

Post by foxbat121 »

Same here. I also found out that my $30 Dynalink Android TV box bought last year has much better TV PQ than MiBox 3.

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Re: HELP! MiBox 3 US Updated Android 9 ... Wrecked

Post by Nighthawk1968 »

Finally, a solution...of sorts.

There is now a remedy circulating around for downgrading the MiBox 3 back to Android 8. I was able to do it successfully on my three MiBox 3 devices; they're working beautifully again with my HDHomeRun system. The solution is not without risks, however. It requires downloading some potentially dodgy software of uncertifiable origin and using it to replace the firmware on the MiBox 3. And there's a chance of turning the MiBox 3 into a brick.

The first step is to activate the developer mode on the MiBox 3; and in the developer mode, turning on USB debugging (Google it if you don't know how.) The second step is to follow the instructions on this site: ... -oreo.html

There are some YouTube videos that go through the steps, but I didn't find them so helpful. Bottom line: the process worked for me, but it may not be for the faint-of-heart since the downgrading process is a bit kludgey.

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