HD HomeRun Quatro Streams

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HD HomeRun Quatro Streams

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Been using my HD Duo for 3 years now...love it! Just added more TVs to my house with AppleTV and wondering about the quatro....

When using the HDHomeRun Quatro, can I watch the same channels on 4 different TVs? I saw a post a few months back that, even though the quatro has 4 tuners, you can only watch 1 channel on 2 TVs while the other 2 tuners can be used for other channels.

I want live sports on 4 TVs with the same channel, so wondering if the quatro will support this. Thanks!!

This is all independent of splitters, DVRs, or other fancy options....im simply asking if the quatro can support 4 streams of the exact same channel.

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Re: HD HomeRun Quatro Streams

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Yes, the HDHomeRun CONNECT QUATRO can allow four TVs to watch the same channel.

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