Help Intentionally Re-Recording Deleted Series

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Help Intentionally Re-Recording Deleted Series

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I recorded and deleted a series (via "Delete" rather than "Re-record") it was recorded on a weak channel and each episode had a varying degree of transmission errors. Now the series is playing again on a stronger channel and I'd like to re-record the entire series on the stronger channel. When I try to re-record as a series I can't seem to turn the gray ticks into red dots. The gray ticks of course don't re-record anything. Is there any other way to intentionally re-record the entire series without setting each individual episode as a one-time recording?

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Re: Help Intentionally Re-Recording Deleted Series

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You have 2 ways... first is one you should be able to do do (or at least have been told it works now) and that is to manually schedule one-offs for each episode as one-offs should always record. The second is to provide your DeviceID and SD can reset your entire delete history. Last I heard they can only do entire history not by show but you might as well provide show name in case they now can be a bit more precise.

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