Lip sync issue

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Lip sync issue

Post by MBrown2020 »

I am using a Shield TV Pro (2019) to access Hdhomerun app for live TV and recordings. I am getting slight lip sync issues with both live TV & recordings. Is there anyway to fix this? If I download the recording and play it off a USB drive on my OPPO 203 it works great. Thank you.

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Re: Lip sync issue

Post by GaryDouglas »

I've mostly notice the syncing issue with recorded shows. Happens mostly when skipping forward and backwards. Can be corrected by exiting and restarting the recording.

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Re: Lip sync issue

Post by PghCordCutter »

I fixed my issues with lip sync when I changed the resolution to 4k 12 bit in the Nvidia Shield settings. Not sure if this is the fix for everyone but it worked for me.

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