Feedback request - recorded filename extension

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Feedback request - recorded filename extension

Post by nickk »

We are considering changing the filename extension used for recordings from .mpg to .ts.

Option 1: no change. Recordings continue to be .mpg extension.

Option 2: new recordings to be .ts extension, old recordings with .mpg extension continue to work.

Option 3: new recordings to be .ts extension, and any time a valid recording with .mpg extension is detected it is renamed to .ts.

1) Files with .ts extension will not be detected by an older version of the record engine so it won't be possible to go back.
2) If using Plex or similar to index HDHomeRun DVR recordings you may need to reindex.

Thoughts and feedback welcome...

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Re: Feedback request - recorded filename extension

Post by signcarver »

I'd allow both... there have been times that I need to rename to ts to bring in to some programs and many think .mpg isn't h.264 or hevc while ts makes it more clear that anything can be inside.

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Re: Feedback request - recorded filename extension

Post by Ken.F »

I'm OK with option 1 or 2. I would prefer to not have existing files changed. My comskip script deletes leftover .edl files in the HDHomeRun directory if a corresponding .mpg file can't be found. If the recording file names change the script will wipe out all of my comskip files.

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Re: Feedback request - recorded filename extension

Post by demonrik »

Not 3
No real preference to change the extension
Has been .mpg for so long - but .ts is more indicative of what the file is.

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Re: Feedback request - recorded filename extension

Post by djp952 »

In order of preference: Option 1, Option 2, Option 3 (ironically enough)

Option 1: Although .mpg might not be as accurate of a file extension as .ts is for what is being recorded, I've never personally had any reason to rename one in order to use it with a third party application. Don't break what ain't broke?

Option 2: Compatibility is a good thing, gets you to where you want to be with less pain for others. I would think third party applications will still be tripped up if they aren't looking for .ts, but at least old recordings would work while the application(s) adapt to the change. Perhaps an opportunity for some third party applications to interrogate RECORD rather than scanning the file system.

Option 3: Not a fan of this one. Likely breaks anything that doesn't interrogate RECORD to get the file names and as you said, there is no going back without a mass manual rename. Third party applications that are looking for .mpg are kind of hosed with this one, the user would have to shut down RECORD and mass rename the files to get anything done, and once they start RECORD again they are back to square one.

Have you considered a phased approach, starting with Option 2 for a period of time before cutting over to Option 3 in the future? Give applications some time to adjust to where you want the product to go. Also seems like a great opportunity for SD to publish more formal third party development guidelines for accessing HDHomeRun RECORD. You could push application developers in the path of interrogating RECORD for the available files, or if interrogation is not possible you could document that if the filesystem is being scanned, the valid file extensions are .mpg and .ts, until some future date when they will all switch to .ts exclusively -- which shouldn't be a problem if everyone is ready for .ts by then :)


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Re: Feedback request - recorded filename extension

Post by Jackamus »

Option 1: no change. Recordings continue to be .mpg extension.

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