Instructions to uninstall HDHome run from MacOS

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Instructions to uninstall HDHome run from MacOS

Post by toddphi »

I tried installing HDHomerun on my new iMac in order to watch shows from HDHomerun Prime. It works OK on my Windows 10 PC, but things don't work well at all on the iMac. Most channels do not come in. I get "Unable to play channel. Failed to Connect. Not connected". Software and firmware are the latest versions.

I don't want to spend a lot of time trying to troubleshoot this and want to just remove the software completely from the iMac.

What do I need to do to completely uninstall the software so no traces are left behind?

Can find any instructions for how to do this on the support site or FAQs


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Re: Instructions to uninstall HDHome run from MacOS

Post by NedS »

If you don't opt to install the DVR engine, the installer will do two things: in the Applications folder.


hdhomerun_config in /usr/local/bin/ , which is the command line tool.

In addition to this, will store some basic settings (window size, last channel, etc) in ~/library/Application Support/HDHomeRun/ and that folder can be safely trashed as well.

If you also installed the DVR engine, run the following command in the terminal to uninstall:

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sudo /Users/HDHomeRun/uninstall

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