ReadyNAS Locations - Recommended vs. Auto

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ReadyNAS Locations - Recommended vs. Auto

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When I first set up the DVR to work on my ReadyNAS 526X, I used the installer in the DVR tab on the Windows application -- which establishes an SSH connection, pushes what it needs to, and "just works".

But I've noticed that it doesn't follow the directory conventions laid out in the ReadyNAS-specific installation instructions (e.g. it doesn't put anything in /apps/hdhomerun_record, and most things seem to be in /data/HDHomeRun).

Does anyone know where the installer puts everything, or does it just invoke hdhomerun_record_linux and assume /data is the directory it should use (since that's the root of the public-facing ReadyNAS files)?

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Re: ReadyNAS Locations - Recommended vs. Auto

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The way the nas installer works is by the share with the name HDHomeRun and records there so whatever path that was (i.e. /data/shares/HDHomeRun but probably not)... it also typically downloads hdhomerun_record_linux to there are renames it to just hdhomerun_record. It will also create a hdhomerun.conf file that states the RecordPath. The hdhomerun_record file is an installer that requests the architecture (processor family) of your nas then extracts from itself the real copy of the engine to /tmp and executes the real engine from there (such as hdhomerun_record_arm ). There are some NAS's that won't allow execution from /tmp which will require copying the executable from /tmp to a place that is executable and I think that may have been why someone decided to go a different route on the readynas and to also configure autostart.

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