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Guide Data

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Whilst am getting Guide Data, then is slight issue with it here in the UK.

There are a number of channels here in the UK, that will show a movie in two parts, with a 5 minute access/news program in it, so effectively the movie is in two parts.

Previous products

Elgato - moved from due to lack of Network DVB-T Tuner and also lack of 64 bit MAC Support
TV-Mosaic - Closed Down now

Guide Data for those channels showed those movies as a single program on previous products. So at the moment then having to actually set 2 recordings up to record the movie.

Quickly got used to the different view in that show movies instead of channels so no grid and that is fine, but really need so that where a movie is split in two, channel 50 here in UK being a good example which is Sony Movies Classic.

Any way to get the Guide Data feed so that where a movie split then only have to set up the one recording.

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