Not retaining last viewed position...

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Not retaining last viewed position...

Post by Thunderthud »

It's been several months since I last complained about this. But, it's still an annoyance. Seems to happen on Android and Windows.

I can exit out of a recording and look at the time bar showing how far it n you were. Then, when I go back in, the bar is back at or near the beginning.
Doesn't happen all the time, but a lot.

Dual record engines, both single drive MyClouds.

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Re: Not retaining last viewed position...

Post by ZacMan »

Add me to the list regarding this issue.

It is becoming annoying having to FF through a recording to get back to where we left off.

No Windows only Android here.

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Re: Not retaining last viewed position...

Post by KingLear »

Same here. Dual DVR's configured. Streaming to a Shield.

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Re: Not retaining last viewed position...

Post by JustFax »

Yep, me too. I posted about this problem back on July 3rd, but no one replied to my posting. I run into this problem nearly every day and find it to be a source of disappointment in a system which is otherwise quite satisfactory. FYI, I use the FireTV app.

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