Compress recordings

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Compress recordings

Post by paradoxgrowth »

HDHomeRun recordings take too much space. Is there a way to record files in a compressed file type?

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Re: Compress recordings

Post by NedS »

You can compress them after they've been recorded. Most HDHomeRun hardware lacks any ability to transcode or modify the incoming data, it just saves the data as-is from the broadcast. The only exception to this is the HDHomeRun EXTEND, which had a built-in harder transcoder.

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Re: Compress recordings

Post by signcarver »

Keep in mind for SD's DVR that if you compress them after, you must keep the first 64 ts packets around (aprox 12K) for the metadata so the file can still be used with the client apps.

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Re: Compress recordings

Post by mike808 »

You can compress them after they've been recorded.
Some software that can do this easily and has had a long history of supporting integration with SD tuners is the MCEBuddy windows application.
It is a nice scheduler with a nice GUI, GPU HW transcoding support, lots of options and features to make "shrinking" your media into more usable formats and media servers like Plex, Emby, and the rest, as well as preserving and enhancing the metadata embedded into the resulting media file. I'm particularly partial to transcoding content to MKV containers and H.265 streaming codec from the raw HDTV MPEG2.

MCEBuddy uses automation to build a super-easy to use workflow out of open source media tools like FFMPEG and Handbrake. If you're recording to a NAS or don't have a Windows 10 machine to run MCEBuddy, then you'll have to script up something similar using those same open source media tools for your OS.

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