DVR Recording Issues

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DVR Recording Issues

Post by punisherprime »

Are there any tips or tricks on getting flawless recordings out of the DVR feature?

When I record shows it seems like 1 in 10 actually record without any glitches. The other 9 seem to pixilate out and have audio sync issues somewhere in the course of the recording.
Streaming seems to work fine for the most part. At least greater than 1 in 10 of the time :) (probably give it 9 out of 10).
I have a TVHeadEnd with three tuners running on a raspberry pi that records to a network share and it is reliable in 9 out of 10 recordings.

I've tried using Plex and I get about the same level of really bad quality although the file naming Plex provides is the best out of the three options.

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Re: DVR Recording Issues

Post by NedS »

We would like to get some diagnostic data:
  1. Please go to the site
  2. Click your HDHomeRun's device ID
  3. If it tells you that a firmware update is available, please install it
  4. Click System Status
  5. Check the Send diagnostic information box
  6. Go back one page
  7. Click Channel Lineup
  8. Click on Detect Channels

Reply back to this post and provide us the device ID of your HDHomeRun and we will check the logs. You can find the device ID at the top of the web page as well as on a label on the bottom of the HDHomeRun itself.

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