no audio ota roku app

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no audio ota roku app

Post by consorts »

everything's updated, yet i get no audio while ota on any channel.
if i use the same hdhr roku app to playback dvr saved episodes,
the audio playback is fine.

all wired
extend tuner Firmware: 20200521
wdmycloud nas: latest version too

all other clients work fine, like win10 and android ;)

is there maybe some older roku app working better
that i need some manual method to load to my box?

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Re: no audio ota roku app

Post by foxbat121 »

Roku box does not decode Dolby Digital which is what OTA broadcasts. It is solely dependent on your TV or other connected device to decode DD.

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Re: no audio ota roku app

Post by NedS »

Try these settings:
  1. Go to the Roku home screen
  2. Then navigate to Settings → Audio → HDMI
  3. and change the HDMI option to Dolby Digital
  4. Go back to Audio and select Audio mode
  5. and change Audio mode to (Auto (Dolby Digital))

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