New UI still not recording shows when clicking record

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New UI still not recording shows when clicking record

Post by averyfreeman »


So I've broached this subject before. I simply want a record button to record when I hit record.

That seems to have happened, which I really appreciate. But there's one glaring caveat that still impairs its functionality:

If hdhomerun_record *thinks* a show has already been recorded pressing the record button will not record what's currently playing.

In a few cases now I've tried to record special programming in a slot on a couple channels that repeat shows throughout the night, and had originally thought that the record button simply wasn't doing anything under any circumstances.

Then I realized after more testing that it only wouldn't record the special programming if I had recorded the same show listed in the guide earlier that day.

What if I've already recorded a show in another slot, and now something else is on in a repeat slot of that same show, and I hit record, and the record function refuses to record based on that information?

That scenario actually happens fairly frequently on the channels I record. It's especially common when there's a breaking news event that changes programming faster than the guide can be updated. These are *exactly* the scenarios in which I'd like to be able to record late-running broadcasts, and they're exactly the time the record button won't work since the guide is displaying previously aired episodes.

So what if the guide is wrong? What if the programming has changed before it's had a chance to update? What if there will be no update to the guide because it was a last-minute programming decision?

If the record button won't record a show it thinks is playing has already been recorded I only have two choices:

1) delete the previously recorded show before I hit record, or
2) miss the special programming

This doesn't seem like it'd be a terribly difficult behavior to change. Just tell hdhomerun_record to record anything that's being played, regardless if it has it in its library already. Have two "copies" of the "same" show.

Does that sound reasonable?

Thank you :)

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Re: New UI still not recording shows when clicking record

Post by andyaz50 »

So you want your smart DVR to play dumb and just do what you want? IDK, seems like you're asking not much. I'm actually having a similar problem, so maybe we need a dumb/smart toggle switch or just an override button. In any case, the smart features are definitely add-ons to basic functions, so I can't imagine that suspending them could be too terribly difficult. But having never developed DVR software, that's just a semi-educated guess. Altho, I think nearly anyone would appreciate having the ability to take control when software becomes recalcitrant, so maybe there's enough user support for the idea to make it happen. Or maybe not. (Being overly optimistic invites disappointment.)

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