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Add Mute Button

Post by dred30 »

I use and have been using HD HmeRun for years and like it. As I have transitioned to woking from home I do wish that there was a "mute" button with in the system instead of turning the volume down to "0". The issue is that turning the volume down to "0" turns the computer master volume down. So if I need to jump on a call through my iMac but want to mute what I'm watching I can't. I have to pause what I'm watching or shut it down then launch it again.

Hope there's a fix tat can be added to a future update.

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Re: Add Mute Button

Post by nickk »

The issue is where to put a mute button. The OSD bar is already pretty crowded and it it takes too many navigation steps with the remote it becomes less useful.

If you have a mute button on your remote, that is something we can likely add support for pretty easily.

Open to ideas.


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