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Post by signcarver »

Thought about putting this in guide issues but some may wish to see it and not see it there.

A week or so ago I set up a rule for Stargirl... now there is a "name change" to DC's Stargirl so there were no upcoming episodes for the series I had set up. When I had set it up, it used the same image and showed the correct times it was coming up on. Good thing I checked a few minutes early for AZ, if anyone on the west coast is thinking of recording it, they may wish to double check.

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Re: Stargirl

Post by Ken.F »

Thanks for the heads up. I missed tonight's recording but it looks like that one will air again on Sunday.

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Re: Stargirl

Post by GetMatt »

We noticed the same, looks like it changed names. We had to deleted the task and set it up again.

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Re: Stargirl

Post by mcewinter »

While this post is very relevant to the product, I would love it if there was a more casual place here for us to chat. A place where we can discuss TV shows and equipment and whatever else. I know this isn't that kind of forum but there's obviously a fan base with some common interests here.

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Re: Stargirl

Post by Beerman »

I know it was a bit more than a week ago that I did a search for 'Stargirl' and it showed 'DC's Stargirl' and I never paid any attention to it. I just set it and it worked but now I won't set any new Tasks without double checking because I never even thought about this possibility so thanks for the warning.
By the way, a bit hokey but I rather enjoyed the first episode.

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