Limit number of tuners for DVR

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Limit number of tuners for DVR

Post by frankjkimejr »

I have found online a method to limit the number of tuners in use by the DVR, however the key is not in my registry (RecordStreamsMax) for windows 10 on the machine which is activated and recording the shows. I would like to know where to add the registry key as the config file hdhomerun.conf (in either the application or record directory does not work, as it is for android it seems).
Would the developers please add this feature to the setup application? I would like to be able to view weather channels, or click on the news sometimes and sometimes all of the tuners are recording.

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Re: Limit number of tuners for DVR

Post by signcarver »

see viewtopic.php?p=344688#p344688

However you might have other issues when limiting such like that as live takes up a recording slot and doesn't always try direct when the engine fails because of such. The setting is more practical for when one has multiple recording engines to balance the load.

By the way NedS, since you seem to maintain that info site, the mention there says to see the Windows DVR page on how to change but that page mentions nothing on registry entries and just runs setup. There is a link there for troubleshooting that the informatiom there should be enough to figure it out as to where to make the dword entry as they show setting the port as the example.

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Re: Limit number of tuners for DVR

Post by NedS »

I... might have forgotten to write up that section. Will add it soon.

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