Feature Request: Wilcard Recording

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Feature Request: Wilcard Recording

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I often record Masterpiece on PBS. In the past, that meant setting a recording for "Masterpiece Classic". Nowadays, most of those programs appear as "<Series Names> on Masterpiece"; necessitating a separate rule for each series. Often, I am not aware of new series until after missing the first few episodes.

A friend of mine, who uses some unnamed cable service DVR box, tells me that all those programs get recorded automatically because he can set a rule for "Masterpiece" that matches all the variants.

I assumed that there would be many posts in the forums about the need for wildcard recordings, but I could not find any. Perhaps, those posts have expired.
I then looked for a FAQ with a list of requested features under consideration, but I could not find any either.

Is a wilcard recording feature under consideration?

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