HDHomeRun No Devices Detected

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HDHomeRun No Devices Detected

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I have a non-traditional configuration for my network. One set of systems are on and another are on and a third are on The LAN is configured to allow access across subnets. http://my.hdhomerun.com detects my HDHomeRun Prime and HDHomeRun DVR properly from any device, but when I go to open the HDHomeRun app, I can only access it from devices within the same subnet (

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

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Re: HDHomeRun No Devices Detected

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Discovery is a udp packet sent to the broadcast address of the subnet so the advice if you wish to use SD's software is to have everything on one subnet.

At the very minimum ensure tuning devices and dvr engine are on the same subnet. Then you may use third party software that can use other methods of discovery.

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