Another PSA: nVidia Shield and 4K TV viewing

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Another PSA: nVidia Shield and 4K TV viewing

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Just got my hand on nVidia Shield TV 2019 model. After play around with it, here are my findings:
* Works just like other Android TV devices I have in the house, Nexus Player, MiBox 3 and Verizon Stream TV, in Android TV usages. This is a plus as I was worried about nVidia customized too much.
* AI Scaling works well with signals it supports, like Youtube video, local movie playbacks etc. But it is not supported/used by HDHR app for TV viewing.
* Dolby Vision works great.
* DRM channels work fine without issues.
* Lastly, if you intend to use it watch 4K channels from Verizon (or the recordings of it), you will not have HLG support. Only SDR playbacks. Both my Verizon Stream TV and Mi Box 3 supports HLG without problem (it is natively supported by Android TV OS since 7.0). I can't believe Shield doesn't supproted. Obviously it was the case with Shield 2017 as well but somehow nVidia specific dropped support of HLG for so many years for what ever reason and still not support it in this day and age. All 4K linear broadcasting will use HLG for HDR, not DV, nor HDR10/HDR10+. I have verified this with my SuperBowl 4K recordings.

So, the Shield, any versions of it, is not a good choice for TV viewing if you consider any future 4K viewing or recording. That's just my two cents.

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