Wrong Time in the UI and Timeline

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Wrong Time in the UI and Timeline

Post by Rolando1948 » Fri Mar 20, 2020 7:24 pm

I have a Model: HDHR5-4US, Device ID: 1077EFE6, Firmware: 20200225 and I am subscribed to the DVR service which I have configured to record on my WD EX4 NAS. I am observing that the HDHomeRun App user interface indicates the wrong time in the upper left hand corner and in the timeline, which is exactly one hour ahead of my PC and NAS server time. I am in time zone UTC-4 and we do not observed "day light savings time", which I continuously verify and correct the settings in my computers, servers to not implement DST. I have double checked my PC and NAS server and verified they both were correctly configured and also reinstalled HDHomeRun for Windows 10 on my main PC, but the discrepancy of one hour ahead in HDHomerun continues. After reading a post, I also accessed my account "Control Panel - Board Preferences" and verified that my time zone was set to UTC-4 and that the time was congruent with my PC and NAS, but all of this was to no avail, the HDHomerun App user interface continues to indicate time one hour ahead. Please help and advise on how to correct this anomaly of discrepancy. All help with this issue will be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Wrong Time in the UI and Timeline

Post by NedS » Sun Mar 22, 2020 1:07 pm

We've replied to your support ticket, but for anyone else that might be having this issue:

We are attempting to reproduce the problem, but haven't been able to so far. We've set a Windows 10 PC to use that time zone in the Windows 10 settings, and the PC's system time matched what we saw in the HDHomeRun app. Do you see this issue on any other devices you might have with the HDHomeRun app, or is it just the Windows 10 PC?

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