[SOLVED] Tuner Working in Kodi, VLC, Not Working in HDHR APP!

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[SOLVED] Tuner Working in Kodi, VLC, Not Working in HDHR APP!

Post by Mark2013 » Sun Mar 01, 2020 9:13 am


http://my.hdhomerun.com, which returns:

http://my.hdhomerun.com/#tab-2 --- No Tuner Found.

But, I tune channels and watch live TV in VLC, Kodi and all of that via WiFi. I've got a 2 tuner model, both LEDs solid green.

What does this mean for purchasing the DVR service? I don't want to spend money on it and have to troubleshoot after paying up front.
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Re: Tuner Working in Kodi, VLC, Not Working in HDHR APP!

Post by signcarver » Sun Mar 01, 2020 10:12 am

What does it work with in kodi (official or unofficial/3rd party)? Also your links won't work as they will take a user to their "own" my.hdhomerun.com page. How is your network layed out for the path between the client and tuners (wifi, wired, everything plugged into the same network device, using multiple network devices)? What client device (platform) are you trying to connect with? What browser are you trying to connect to my.hdhomerun.com with?

SD's software (app/dvr) only works by broadcast discovery (sends udp packet(s) to broadcast address of "every" network connected to port 65001, receives a unicast back to the "random" port that requested it) thus everything must be on the same subnet (i.e. x.x.x.x/24 which would have a mask of with nothing interfering with broadcast packets. Other applications typically don't use broadcast discovery but rely on a retrieving a fixed ip address (some might even use "my.hdhomerun.com/discover" to do so as it reports back any device that has checked in from your same public ip address in the past 24 hours then uses unicast to try to connect to each of those, the website itself may or may not work depending on your isp and/or vpn use (vpn won't work, some use a nat system that is incompatible in that you connect to SD from a different public ip address than from when the devices checked in, a recent issue on comcast was that if you were around your datacap they redirect all traffic to a service to inject an "ad" to advise you of being above cap), some browsers may not work (edge/i.e. typically won't) as they don't like connecting a script being run on an external page pull "unsecure" information" from a device on your lan, also many these days require http:// be explicitly stated for my.hdhomerun.com to allow such http connection to your devices from the remote site and the devices themselves need internet access to check in with SD every 8 hours.

One of the most common things to interfere is an improperly configured vpn as though they are often smart enough to direct local traffic locally, they often will fail to so such with broadcast traffic (it gets broadcasted to the vpn rather than local). Firewalls can also interfere as some don't count the broadcast as an "established" connection especially when the reply in unicasted back. VLANS are another common issue of problems with broadcast discovery. If devices involved are connected to a router, rather than a switch, the router may also interfere with such discovery. Another thing I have seen cause issue with when there are multiple nics (or ip addresses on a nic) configured that overlap as it can confuse what nic to use to broadcast (i.e a wifi card at and a nic at (or even completely overlapping at /24, which also brings back making sure things are on the exact subnet)

Depending on the problem, I do suggest you get the discovery issue fixed prior to purchasing the DVR as it also will rely on broadcast discovery. But if you are running the engine on another machine (i.e. a nas) chances are it will also work as it most likely won't have a problem with discovery of the tuners as much of what limits discovery is user configuration of the client machine (i.e. a vpn, firewall rule, or incorrectly configured subnet such as the wrong mask) but it won't help with anything blocking discovery if an appliance is blocking such traffic (router, external firewall, even delays with the use of wifi).

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Re: Tuner Working in Kodi, VLC, Not Working in HDHR APP!

Post by nickk » Sun Mar 01, 2020 11:44 am


If it works in Kodi it should work in the HDHomeRun app (they use the same detection mechanism).

The my.hdhomerun.com uses a different method as a website isn't allowed to search for devices on your home network.

Have you tried the HDHomeRun app from the Microsoft app store?

As long as the HDHomeRun app works the DVR will also work.


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Re: Tuner Working in Kodi, VLC, Not Working in HDHR APP!

Post by Mark2013 » Sun Mar 01, 2020 5:52 pm

By using the "Search Bar" (bottom panel magnfiying glass) and typing: hdhomerun, I was offered "App Settings" and by selecting that, I was offered a "Reset". I selected that and it erased settings, etc.

That has restored the app to running (playing TV). And without having to rescan for channels.


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