For Almost aYear, HDHR UI Has Not Been Working for Me (Ton's of Issues Still Not Addressed)

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For Almost aYear, HDHR UI Has Not Been Working for Me (Ton's of Issues Still Not Addressed)

Post by RockstartTx88 » Sat Jan 11, 2020 7:52 am

Hi, I've posted on here a few times, called tech support spoke to one of the reps near Dallas (very nice guy), and still having issues with my HDHR UI. I was told the team was aware of it, I sent diagnostics, but the problem has been going on for almost a year now, and simply put, I just would like a working UI.

Really would appreciate if the development team can seriously look into this and get it resolved, as it has inconvenienced me for so long. Honestly, my family has not been able to fully enjoy HDHR because of all the issues, they found it frustrating and I dont know what to tell them at this point.

I had a previous post that I assume was deleted going in detail of my issues, but I can explain all of whats going on again. Here's my setup:
  • Hdhomerun Prime
    Nvidia Shield (2017 model)
    Fire TV 2nd gen
Everything is connected ethernet (using orbi) and these are some of my issues:

1.) Watching a show like CBS sometimes will play with no sound. The only way I can fix this is to close the app and re-open it (on the nvidia shield).

2.) On the live channels app on the shield, I get the same issue, and have to do the same thing. I do realize that sometimes my family leaves the tv running, and the shield goes to sleep, and when I wake it up and go back to the live channels app, the loading circle just spins when trying to change a channel. I do have a harmony 650 and flirc someone suggested to shut down the tv and shield easier, but I have no idea how to set that up (if anyone knows and would be kind to pm, I would appreciate it).

*UPDATE: Now in addition to this, we are getting "Unable to play channel: Communication Error" while the show is playing. In addition, sometimes I see "TypeError: null is not an object, and then some text "in t", "in div", "in div".

3.) On the fire tv, sometimes out of no where it will just close the app and go to the amazon homescreen.

*UPDATE: Starting to do this more frequently now and doing it on the Nvidia shield. We were watching NBC, and after about 15 mins it just cuts out and goes to the homescreen on both devices.

4.) Sometimes my channels are missing every few months on the guide (for example CBS in hd), so I have to rescan all the channels again on the prime.

5.) When you load up the HDHR UI, we can't just navigate to the channels area and find our channel. We have to fight back in forth, hitting the back button to close the new menu, then we can shift to the channel area.

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