How to run Win 10 HDHomeRun and WMC on one PC.

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How to run Win 10 HDHomeRun and WMC on one PC.

Post by sysmg » Thu Jan 02, 2020 9:28 am

Although you can't run both simultaneously, you can keep your old WMC recorded library of shows (for later viewing) and run Win 10 with HDHomeRun DVR for viewing and future recording. Simply setup a way to reboot between the two different OSs. This is what I did.

If you have a HTPC running Windows 7 and want to run Win 10 with HDHomeRun on the same PC, you can try what I did. It allows me to keep my old recordings on Win 7 WMC yet use Win 10 HDHomeRun for future recordings and regular viewing.

- Buy a new second hard drive.
- Install it in the machine and from Windows 7 disable the new drive (i think I did it from Device Manager, but can check when I get home).
- Change your BIOS to boot from the new disk.
- Boot from a Win 10 install CD or USB stick and install windows 10 on the new disk.
- After the install is complete from Windows 10 disable the Windows 7 drive (again I believe from Win 10 Device Manager)
- Install HDHomeRun and use it.

When you want to go back to watch your old WMC videos, reboot the computer and hit the BIOS Fkey to select what drive to boot from and boot from the Win 7 drive. Restart the computer and you will go back to Windows 10.

Another suggestion for continuing to run Windows 7. You can either manually change the TCPIP settings to remove the gateway statement to sever it from the internet completely (no access to channel guide). Or if you are using EPG123, you can setup windows firewall to only allow local lan access and then permit access to the EPG123 setup guide servers.

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