NCAA Football series recording changed

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NCAA Football series recording changed

Post by spunkyaz » Sun Nov 24, 2019 10:15 am

All actions performed on HP laptop touchpad and keyboard - Windows 10 version 1909, WIFI connection
Win 10 app version
UI 20191120 updated to 20191122b since last night
Connect firmware 20190715beta1 (2) 1043EDC6 and 104440BC
Prime firmware 20190715beta1 (2) 1315B3E6 and 13170CEC
Quatro firmware 20190815beta1 10721299
Servio firmware 20190815beta1 15302FBB
Early access turned on
Diagnostic Info sent from all tuner devices, Servio, and Windows app.

I have a series recording set for NCAA Football - Arizona games. Yesterday I tried to add two additional
games. In the past I have been able to add a game by clicking on the game I wanted. That did no work.
I discovered that if I clicked on "All Teams" that I would be presented with a list of teams to add.
I selected UCLA by higlighting the appropriate box and returned to the task. No red dot appeared for the
UCLA game. I had to exit the task and open it again for the red dot to appear. The same process worked
to add the Penn State game (already in progress).

After all this work, I figured I was Good, but no. The UCLA game stopped recording before the end of the
game. My original NCAA Football series task had the recording end time extended by 30 minutes. I discovered
later that an additional series recording was created for each game I added, but did not include extended
recording time. So I now have 3 series recordings for NCAA Football. Two of the tasks will need to be modified
to extend the recording time to be useful. By the way, the Penn State game did not record the remainder of the
game, but did record a rebroadcast of the game later in the day.

I guess I missed the memo for this enhancement. I enjoy my Silicondust hardware and DVR software. Sometimes
its hard to keep up with changes.

Spencer Metz

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Re: NCAA Football series recording changed

Post by jasonl » Sun Nov 24, 2019 3:42 pm

There is a bug in the early access UI that is preventing one-off recordings from being scheduled. This should be corrected tomorrow or Tuesday.

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