No Tuners available.

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No Tuners available.

Post by chrisV » Fri Nov 22, 2019 4:57 pm


Last Saturday I checked to make sure I had a season pass for The Walking Dead (Don't judge) to make sure it would record the episode on Sunday since I was leaving for a business trip. I came home to find

20191117-12:12:34 System: file limit = 4096
20191117-12:12:34 Recording: RecordPath[0] = '/media/dvr/recordings/'
20191117-12:12:34 Recording: RecordPath /media/dvr/recordings/ = ext
20191117-12:12:34 System: LocalIP:
20191117-12:12:34 System: website port = 44641
20191117-12:12:34 Recorded: RecordPath '/media/dvr/recordings/' (ext)
20191117-12:12:34 Status: Resource: nbk=0 dmk=153
20191117-12:12:34 Status: ticks = 58542
20191117-12:12:34 Recorded: directory /media/dvr/recordings/ with 1 subdirs and 0 recordings
20191117-12:12:34 Recording: sending discover using local ip
20191117-12:12:34 Recorded: directory /media/dvr/recordings/The Walking Dead/ with 0 subdirs and 8 recordings
20191117-12:12:34 Recording: sending discover using local ip
20191117-12:12:35 Recording: discover - no tuners detected
20191117-12:12:35 Recording: event download failed
20191117-12:12:35 Recording: disk space available = 388GB
20191117-12:12:35 Recording: current time = Sun Nov 17 12:12:35 2019 (correction of 0s)

It says there were no tuners available. I am the only one who uses the dvr/HDHR so it couldn't be that the tuners were in use. Looking at the above logs I see that it sent a discover for interface twice and my tuner is on the interface

What gives? Would be nice If I could get an email that there were no tuners before a recording couldn't be done. Thank god for On-Demand so I don't have to rely on this DVR solution.

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Re: No Tuners available.

Post by NedS » Fri Nov 22, 2019 7:16 pm

It looks like the DVR was having some issues detecting the tuner for a moment, which it resolves less than a second later.

Then later there are error messages about the DVR software not being able to connect to our DVR backend servers over the internet. Then it resolved itself 9 minutes later.

There are no errors regarding tuners being busy with something else or a recording being missed that I can see. The logs that I can access go back to the 12th of November, and that network "blip" seems to have only happened once since then. I'm more than happy to try and troubleshoot that particular error, but it doesn't seem to be related to anything not being recorded.

That being said, I do agree, I would also like to see some kind of indicator or notification of when there will be recording conflicts, and I believe this is being looked into.

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