Nvidia Shield HDHR App DRM issue

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Re: Nvidia Shield HDHR App DRM issue

Post by signcarver » Sun Nov 24, 2019 2:45 pm

leerandall wrote:
Sun Nov 24, 2019 12:30 pm
I run the DVR on my Shield Pro 2017 with 2 Primes (402 channels on one, 401 channels on the other), and I'm on the new UI 1122b (beta). After seeing your post, Signcarver, I put on a DRM channel and it's been playing just fine for the last 15 minutes. How long does it take for DRM channels to crash out on your setup? I can let the DRM channel play for a while if you'd like.
It does fine on devices with >2GB or if I only have one prime on the network... add a second prime and use a device with <=2GB it crashes within a few minutes... Generally the shields will have 3GB so I won't see such but my shield is on the main tv that I usually use the cable box with or an extender with WMC as I need DRM support for anything cable so it is hardly ever used with the app and it will NEVER be used as the DVR engine or with anything that may be run in the background.

I was just curious if those having an issue with DRM on a shield were actually using the new UI (and if they were, to suggest switching out to test it without early access enabled which may also explain the HDHomeRun input working) and/or if something else was "resident" that was taking up RAM thus got that 3GB down to well below 2GB. The stick only has 2GB and when I had access to my friend's stick it also displayed such behavior, though not as quickly as the jetstreams. If I disable half the channels on each of 2 primes I also have no problem (or at least not quickly never tried more than a few hours... until I add a third prime to the mix which is usually directly connected to a windows 7 machine but I have other reasons for needing to keep all channels active so don't keep half disabled that often).

I also suspect that without the reboot after an update to the shield there may also be some items left in ram that weren't properly released though it may just be something needing to be done to properly diagnose a secure system. I am entirely convinced for the issue I see, it is an issue with how much ram is available and the channel list (usually for me when it comes to using the app it is around 470 channels x2 primes + 75 x2 quatros, I had not tried disabling both quatros and see if that would bring it down enough).

Edit: {also added quote as this post appeared on a new page for me and I don't like needing to read a previous page to understand context}

My primary reason for bringing it up is that the behavior of having DRM issues on the shield only seemed to affect a few and for those it did probably fixed after a reboot but for those that still have problems and after making sure location services are on and was curious if early access may have been the issue but there are a number of variables that can affect me seeing the bug or not (early access on, number of primes, number of channels, ram on device...)

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Re: Nvidia Shield HDHR App DRM issue

Post by breezytm » Sun Nov 24, 2019 3:51 pm

I have early access disabled since the blank screen issue started and have not enabled it back since. I have the DVR engine running on a Windows 10 desktop but I do not have anything scheduled for recording.

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Re: Nvidia Shield HDHR App DRM issue

Post by jasonl » Sun Nov 24, 2019 4:28 pm

breezytm your DVR is out of date. You need to update it to the current version.

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Re: Nvidia Shield HDHR App DRM issue

Post by breezytm » Sun Nov 24, 2019 6:39 pm

I guess that was it. Thanks @jasonl I upgraded my record engine and the DRM channels started playing on the app.

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