Tuner Not Available error messages

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Tuner Not Available error messages

Post by howieb » Thu Oct 10, 2019 10:21 am

Hi there,

All of the sudden my screen started freezing and in the end I got the "Tuner Not Available" message on the screen. Sometimes I could go to the guide, then go back to the channel, and it would resume, but other times I just got the Tuner Not Available messages. I've updated the firmware and removed, re-added the app to my Apple TV 4, and also restarted the ATV, but nothing seems to help. Eventually the same thing happens, regardless of the channel.

I saw an old thread about this, but nothing recent. Does anyone know what the root cause is for this problem and how to resolve it?



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Re: Tuner Not Available error messages

Post by signcarver » Thu Oct 10, 2019 10:37 am

Considering this section of the forum has nothing to do with Apple TV(SD does not have any Apple TV app), you would probably be better off asking in the 3rd party section and/or any particular forum (other web site) for your software (i.e. https://getchannels.com/support/ if for Channels).

Typically the issue for many is only having a 2 tuner product and having something else using one tuner (i.e. a DVR) then it trying to change channels and the other channel hasn't fully closed yet. Other issues can be with discovery particularly subnet masks if everything isn't on one network and all using dhcp to make sure masks are correct and/or something segregating the network for broadcast discovery, though it seems that isn't your issue. Another issue I have seen that since the device "only" uses DHCP, there can be issues with some DHCP servers in renewing the device's ip address (a few routers have issues a dhcp nack during the process which starts the process over again) occasionally even issuing it a different ip... I have also seen some routers have issues if a reservation is outside the the pool range and they issue it on startup but won't renew.

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Re: Tuner Not Available error messages

Post by jasonl » Thu Oct 10, 2019 12:05 pm

Do you see any issues in the official HDHomeRun app on another device like a phone, tablet, or computer?

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