Fires Stick 4K UK issues

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Fires Stick 4K UK issues

Post by Alister » Mon Sep 09, 2019 2:19 pm


I've been using the setup for a few days and have come across a few issues

Device ID 12416DE3 Connect DUO
UK - TV region STV North

HDHomeRun Record - On a FreeNas Server (Gigabit Intel NIC using Jumbo frames)

I recorded Andrew Marr (Sunday 0830) BBC1 HD also world's greatest Warships Sept 4

I can smoothly playback on

Windows 10 PCs
Amazon FireHD8
Moto G5 Plus

Where I have a problem is on the Amazon FireStick 4k purchased on prime Day

The program hangs on playback

I've bought the ethernet adapter and testing with that has resulting in the recording going audio only playing for ~8 secs and hanging

I've clear both data and cache - no effect

uninstall then restart of firestick then reinstall no effect - still hangs

Tested the recordings from a SMB share on firestick with VLC for Android 3.1.4 and playback is fine

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Re: Fires Stick 4K UK issues

Post by jasonl » Mon Sep 09, 2019 3:12 pm

The H.264 video decoder in the Fire TV Stick 4K crashes when playing certain video streams. This issue has been reported to Amazon but they have provided no information on if or when it will be fixed. I have asked our development team if we can update the app to block this broken decoder, as we used to do for a different decoder in the 4K Stick that was also broken.

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